5 Eternal Rules of Dating

Every year, there are these magazines and articles publishing new rules about dating that can drive people nuts. Every years it’s something else, with one generation getting different information than what the last one got. However, there will always be some rules that will never go out of fashion. Here are five.5 Eternal Rules of Dating

Be On Time

If there is one thing that screams a bad date more than anything else, it’s people arriving so, so very late. A few minutes can be excused, but if you arrive a half hour or more beyond the time you agreed on, don’t be surprised if the other person is no longer there.

Real Compliments

Flattery might be nice, but people can always tell when it rings hollow. If you are going to say something about a person, it had better be something that they can actually believe. If they worked on their hair, their eyes, dressed up nicely, or whatever else that they seem to be proud of, those are your targets. Real compliments are worth ten times what empty gestures can effect.

Small Talk

Feeling nervous? Antsy? How about you talk about the weather? When you’re date laughs at your choice of small talk topics, laugh along with them and talk about how weird it is that the weather can be the most boring subject and yet it always comes up in conversation. Small talk does more than just fill up the empty space between conversations. It also leads to other avenues that might help you get to know your date better. Speaking of which;

Show Real Interest

If you’re going to talk to your date, try to find topics that actually interest you about them. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when having a conversation on a date is asking about things that the other person cares about while not really having any interest in it. What’s the point of asking about their work when you don’t really care?

Offer To Pay, But Don’t Insist

Finally, the matter of payment might seem tricky, but it really isn’t. First, you make the offer to pay. If they object and offer to be the ones to pay, you ask if they are sure. If they are, you can suggest to split it instead.