7 Signs That Your Date Is Going Well

Dates can be complicated, but they don’t have to get to a point where you don’t know what’s going on anymore. If your date is going really well, you can usually tell. Just to make sure that you actually get the message, however, here are 7 signs that are usually of a date coming along just fine.7 Signs That Your Date Is Going Well

Genuine Interest

You can usually tell when someone is really interested in you when they ask questions that seem natural. They don’t try to force things by spewing details as if they were from a script they memorized. If someone asks questions in a way that sounds like genuine interest, then you know that your date is going well so far.

Real Engagement

Asking each other interesting questions is all well and good, but there also has to be actual engagement involved. You can usually tell if this is the case via body language, eye contact, reaction delays and so on. These might sound like complicated concepts, but you subconsciously pick up on these naturally.

Being Animated

Hand motions, different expressions, lots of smiles, eyes widening and glittering, and shoulders constantly moving, these are the things that make constitute animation in a person. The more natural the movements look, the better your date is going.

The Smartphone Never Came Up

Alright, fine. Smartphones are such a huge part of everyday life now that it’s practically impossible to live without them. So if you manage to go through the whole date with the stupid things rarely coming up or not at all, this means that you are having an incredible date.

Not Noticing The Time Pass

You know how people say that you don’t notice time passing when you’re having a good time? That’s basically what happens on a great date.

Hinting At Future Plans

Suggesting other places to go together, talking about foods you both might want to try in the future, or choosing activities that the two of you would be interested in trying are great signs. It means your date can see a time when you get together again.

Exchanging Contact Details

If at any time during the date you both exchange contact details like phone numbers, Skype addresses, or social media account names, you’re golden. Those are pretty significant these days.